Gas burner 360 | with piezo (YT-36710)

Product description
Gas burner with piezo ignition brand YATO YT-36710.

Powered by propane-butane gas from an external cylinder with an EN417 connector with a power of 1.0kW reaches a temperature of max. 1000 ° C. Gas consumption is 73g / h. Thanks to the built-in flame power control, it is possible to set the desired flame size.

Thanks to a special construction, it allows working at a 360 ° angle. Thanks to this, it can be used in any position.

Particularly useful is, among others down:

brazing of soft and hard copper pipes in C.O. and water
paint tanning
lighting up stoves, fireplaces and grills
loosening screws
Purpose / Use
Gas burner with PIEZO ignition for work at every angle is particularly useful for work:
- soft soldering
- tinning
- defrosting
- loosening the screws
- bending and shaping of plastic pipes and plates
- paint tanning
- lighting of stoves and grills
- gastronomy
Technical data
The YT-36710 index number
Brand Yato
Working temperature [° C] 1000
Gas consumption 73
Ignition piezo Yes
Butane gas supply

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Gas burner 360 | with piezo (YT-36710)

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