BLASTER LPG CNG Filter 12mm In 12mm Out

High quality filter with oil separator. This type of filter traps oil into the lower part and it prevents sticky residue going into injectors. Recommended for high precision injectors where plunger clearance is tight. Filter is equipped with polyester insert which offers much better filtering capabilities than paper or bulpren material. The top part with inlet nozzle can be mounted in four different positions.

The screws are M5x25 Hex (Allen key 5mm).


Inlet 12mm gas hose

Outlet 12mm gas hose

Filtering area 170cm2

Minimal particle size        1μm

Filtering material polyester

Total height 99mm

Diameter 60mm


LPG E8-67R-017756

CNG E8-110R-017757

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BLASTER LPG CNG Filter 12mm In 12mm Out

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