• LPG GPL Vapour phase filter BRC - FLBRCFG

LPG GPL Vapour phase filter BRC - FLBRCFG

Filter (filter cartridge) BRC - metal with reinforcing mesh
(vapour phase) - polyester insert with very good filtration parameters and long life

Used in all types of LPG filter housings: BLASTER, BLASTER C, BLASTER Y

A high quality polyester cartridge stops oil and other liquids contained  in the gas  and 99,99% solid impurities.
Regular filter replacement every 20 000 km ensures adequate lifetime of the entire LPG installation in the vehicle.

Dimensions [mm]
outer diameter: 42
lower outer diameter: 37
internal diameter of the hole: 17
height: 57

For some LPG filters, a tolerance of about 1mm can be achieved (possible squeezing of gaskets).

A filter from the Polish producer CZAJA

Internal diameter

Type of the filter
 vapour phase filter
Type of LPG filter cartridge
 polyester with reinforcing helix
Outer diameter
Lower outer diameter

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LPG GPL Vapour phase filter BRC - FLBRCFG

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