MAP Sensor STAG PS 02

The integrated measuring unit PS-02 PLUS ensures exact measurement results for gas pressure, temperature and vacuum in the intake manifold.
PS-02 PLUS  has been designed for LPG and CNG injection systems in any vehicle in spite of the engine power, including turbocharged ones. The unit measures gas pressure, vacuum in the intake manifold and gas temperature in the gas path. PS-02 PLUS  guarantees precise measurement in spite of the flow, temperature and pressure variations.

PS-02 PLUS  ensures the following:
• precise measurements and no negative impact by temperature and pressure variations,
• tested installation method, already used for PS-02,
• proven and improved construction that  no leakage and tightness and resistance to damage.

PS-02 PLUS  works perfectly in spite  of the gas quality, driving style and vehicle load.

Compared to the previous version ( PS-02) the reduced number of components used in PS-02 PLUS  has allowed a modification that ensures in any conditions. PS-02 PLUS  has been improved so that it can be easily used to replace PS-02 in the existing systems. Additionally, compared to the previous version, modern, high-quality and precise sensors and other electronic components have been used.

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MAP Sensor STAG PS 02

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