Microprocessor impulse car charger YT-8301

Product description
Professional 6V and 12V battery charger for motorcycles, tractors, passenger cars and vans and motor boats. It has the function of maintaining the correct voltage in the batteries operating in idle mode - preservation charging. The charger allows you to charge three types of batteries: traditional acid-lead, so-called. Wet batteries, lead-acid batteries, where the electrolyte is in the form of a gel and AGM batteries in which the glass fiber mat immobilizes the electrolyte. It has short-circuit protection and anti-rechargeable battery. The microprocessor used works in high frequency technology.

Technical data

Maximum charging current [A] 8
Types of Wet / Gel / AGM batteries supported
Measurement range [V] 6-12
Recommended battery capacity [Ah] 5-200
Power supply 230V

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Microprocessor impulse car charger YT-8301

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