Ultra360° is an improved filter with oil separation 12x2x12 (GF1622)

The original construction of the filter ensures very effective filtration. Gas entering the filter is set in rotary motion and directed towards the bottom. Thanks to the rotary motion, centrifugal force and inertial force, particular and liquid matters are centrifuged and kept on the bottom. Additionally, the filter cartridge cleans the stream of gas heading upwards from the remaining tiny impurities. Ultra360° was designed especially for the convenience of the installers. The inlet and outlet are placed on separate elements of the filter cover, which results in easy angle regulation between them. Because of such a solution, the installer can easily and freely place the filter in the under bonnet area.

Classifying pressure: 4.5 bar

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 106 mm (110 mm with nozzles set at 180°)

Fuel supported: LPG and CNG

Filtration material: polyester

Cover material: polyamide and glass composite

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Ultra360° is an improved filter with oil separation 12x2x12 (GF1622)

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